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A Cheaper Online Rehab Option

While commercial programs can be great resources, many rehab program videos can be found on youtube. The following videos are a series of 12 instructional and informational videos, sponsored by the American Heart Association that features several videotaped classes and specific exercises that can help you regain some mobility and continue to exercise after a stroke. Click through the videos to learn adapted squat exercises, balance exercises, hand mobility exercises and more!


This website contains expanded exercise videos covering topics ranging from getting out of bed after a stroke to strengthening your muscles using Thera-bands. The site creator, Susan, is a physiotherapist specializing in stroke recovery and rehab and she has some great resources to share!



Online Stroke Rehab

Have you finished your post-stroke rehab but feel like you could be doing more to get some of your mobility back? This online, commercial rehab program could be a solution for you. The following website,, offers online access to rehabilitation exercise videos created and demonstrated by certified physical therapist. The program allows you to customize each of your therapy sessions, track your progress and even recommends videos for you! You can try the program free for 30 days and then decide if this in-home recovery tool is right for you. Check out their promotional video below and follow the link to get started on your personalized recovery track!


Adaptive Exercises

The following YouTube channel has several videos highlighting some of the ways to modify traditional exercises for people with all kinds of disabilities. Physical activity is one of the most important things to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle to prevent a future stroke, however, the task of learning how to workout with a disability can be daunting. Start small with simple exercises such as raising your arms above your head or walking around the block and don’t be afraid to get creative with your movements. One of the best things about exercise is that it can be modified to meet anyone’s needs. Any movement is better than no movement so grab a water bottle and do what you can!


Adaptive Exercises from the Human Development at the University of Kentucky


Adaptive Yoga

The following links will take you to videos about the benefits of yoga among stroke survivors and others with disabilities, some of the principles of adaptive yoga and full adaptive yoga classes. Remember, yoga focuses on connecting with the body through focused breathing and movements. Do the movements that work for you. Listen to your body and adjust any poses for your ability and comfort level. Relax, breath, and have fun!



Adaptive Yoga, recognizing the Human spirit

  • This video is a Tedx talk given in Columbia, SC in 2014 by Dara Brown, a yoga enthusiast and instructor who has worked over the past 3 years to bring adaptive yoga to South Carolina

Columbia Offers Adaptive Yoga Class

Adaptive Yoga-Full Class

YOGAdapt’s Adaptive Yoga Series-1